home designs that save energy, help reduce electricity bills

home designs that save energy, help reduce electricity billshome designs that save energy, help reduce electricity bills

home designs that save energy, help reduce electricity bills Must admit
that the concept of building a house of the old people Made for the real Thai climate.

 1. Thai houses save electricity costs by themselves.

It is popular as a 2-storey Thai house with a high basement allowing good ventilation.

And do not be afraid of flooding The unique part of the gable roof Which has a high characteristic

It will make it possible to store a lot of air mass, or simply as a good insulation.

However, if designed to have a terrace More is adding air vents to the house It helps to reduce the humidity of the main material such as wood in the building of the house.

Together with the eaves being quite protruding Therefore, during the daytime when the strong sunlight shines into the house, it hits the eaves.

Thus reducing the concentration of sunlight possible In addition, the surrounding area of ​​the house has been designed to adjust the area in a garden style.

Ready to add a fish pond Thus making the environment more conducive to home energy use. Can be said to save on electricity bills visually Without doing anythingรับออกแบบบ้าน

 2. House designs from material help the house cool.

Ready to set according to the wind and sun direction
For this style Many people are getting acquainted. With advice from contractors or architects to choose materials for building the house.

Which is environmentally friendly But not that buying materials that help the house cool alone
will see results It is necessary to take into account the orientation of the home as well.

Even if it is a modern house Which most often is a 2-storey modern style as well, it is important to consider this method very much,

which is why it leads to the innovation of SCG HEIM or the design of the house in accordance with the wind and sun direction.

Along with adding a way to seal the joints, doors, windows and insulation Make the air circulate well So when it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner Multiple devices within the home

The appliance itself will not work hard. Thus helping to save electricity

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